THRIVE! Theme Song Annotated

One of the key healing techniques I have known across my lifetime is writing a song. I do that to help me handle crises, to grow through touch times AND to celebrate life too. I sing this song pretty much daily to remind me how to stay in the mindset and reality of True Happiness, of thriving instead of just surviving.

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    Will the Real You Please Stand Up

    People say they are who they are because of the experiences they lived.

    BS! That is a myth.

    You are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are.
    Watch the video to discover the real you and live YOUR life starting NOW.

    Leave a comment and tell us who you think you really are.

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      To THRIVE! Live From Your Heart

      Some years back I decided to move from the Washington, D.C. area
      to Boise, Idaho to work with a friend in his mortgage business.

      I loved the beauty and totally different life style of the northwest
      and wanted a change. I am somebody who jumps into change with
      great joy!

      But no matter what I did I never made decent money.


      I never enjoyed what I was doing. I simply could not get
      passionate about putting people into homes. And it wasn’t for
      lack of trying.

      I took courses and studied. I submitted a number of loans – none
      of which were processed because the person in charge was busy
      working on her new non-mortgage business.

      Interesting, the way the Universe works, yes?

      Well, before long the whole real estate industry came crashing
      down. While our company did not go under with the first wave of
      mortgage company failures it did fall by the wayside in time.

      Thank goodness!

      Why was I so happy when the company went under?

      My heart was not in the mortgage business. No matter how much I
      tried to talk myself into enjoying what I was doing nothing

      You see it is true that your degree of happiness determines your
      health, your degree of success in relationships AND your
      financial prosperity too.

      So how do you make sure that you are in the right life for you?

      Well, if you are getting by but not really loving your work or
      your home situation or any aspect of your life then you are not
      living in happiness at all.

      Happiness has nothing to do with circumstances or events.
      Those all pass in time. True happiness, on the other hand, is a
      forever life style that allows you to thrive!

      You can settle for getting by or you can take on today’s Take
      Action Tuesday challenge and discover the simple step to change
      your life forever.

      Ready for more and different?

      Nothing will ever change if all you do is read about change
      or watch videos. You gotta take action. Watch the video NOW to make
      the one change that changes everything.

      This simple step changes your world…
      live from your heart THRIVE

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        live from your heart THRIVE

        Speak So Others Want To Listen 2

        Do you turn off people when you open your mouth to speak? Do they appear to tolerate you but do not really pay attention?
        Here is how to solve that problem and finally make genuine connections with people.

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          To Thrive Stop Your Mind Chatter

          Do you live your life to get through each day? Is something draining your happiness and success?
          The antidote to a ho hum boring life is as simple as…

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            Listen With Your Heart to THRIVE! [TAT] 2

            When you stop listening to the chatter in your mind and live in the present, in this moment, your world opens in a way you cannot imagine – and you will celebrate with delight.
            Stop your ho hum stuck boring existence NOW.
            Details inside the video.

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              Live as an Enlightened Warrior to THRIVE! [TAT]

              In each moment you get to choose whether you win or lose. LIfe is more than what you kow through your five senses. Moving out of the ordinary into the rich realm where each moment is an adventure to savor happens more easily when you take chances and go where you have never been AND you do it with ore than your physical experience.
              Take on today’s TAke Action Tuesday [TAT] Challenge and wake up your life!

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                Ask For Help – [TAT]

                Humans are social creatures. We are not meant to “go it alone.” Sure, we can trudge along. sure we can survive. But hey what is the point of just getting by when you can choose to thrive? Take on Today’s Challenge to simplify your life. Be Sociable, Share!

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