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THRIVE: Overcome Any Challenge

You can overcome any challenge when you want to. Creating your life your way is a choice you make.

If your world does not look like you say you want it to then pay attention to the thoughts you are actually thinking AND the feelings you are actually experiencing most of the time. Those thoughts and feelings form the requests you are broadcasting to the Universe and therefore the desires being fulfilled.

Ah, you need to know how to recognize the messages from the Universe that guide you toward your desired reality. Those messages come at you every day almost non-stop. Until you learn how to look for them you miss them and you stay stuck in your everyday life.
The Universe always gives you what you ask for. That is why the Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

THRIVE in Body, Mind and Spirit

You are a Divine Spirit living a human experience in a body with physical and emotional needs coming from your mind. As a holistic being you must consider your wholeness and connections that make up you. To thrive in life you must include your body, mind and spirit. Focusing on only one or two prevents […]

How To Be Happy NOW

Unless you make a conscious effort to feel good you will continue to think negative thoughts and stay stuck in a ho hum life – or even worse. If frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness are more your norm than watch this video now to change everything.
Make sure to watch all the way through to the end to get the BONUS.

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Live from Your Heart To Find Happiness

How is your 2017 so far? Mine has been very interesting – in ways I had not anticipated or ever thought I wanted to discover. Life works that way, you know? Long ago I realized that we teach what we most need to learn. You probably heard those words before. So what do they mean? […]