Feel Great To THRIVE! 2

When I had brain surgery nearly five years ago and lost much of my daily functioning – including speech – I discovered true happiness. And then I found myself thriving all across my life!

You know what? Happiness has nothing to do with events or circumstances.


Happiness is a way of life, a way of being in the world knowing that nothing that happens has any power over you except the power you give it by assigning meaning to the event.
Happiness is not about circumstances.

Do you think maybe I had good reason to see life as an unfair series of events when I lost my ability to talk, to swallow, to walk, to write and to stand up on my own?

Thank goodness I did not feel that way.

I doubt I could have healed had I crawled into a hole thinking life sucked. In fact, I know that fact is the truth as my physical and speech therapists asked me to write my book, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive, to share how I live allowing my recovery from such major life-altering trauma in record time. they said my story and mindset could really help their other patients to heal.

I remember that day. I was lying in bed, struggling to breathe, unable to speak, needing a walker to get around and hoping I never fell because I was not able to get up. I was smiling. Yeah, smiling. And, are you ready for this?

I was high! High like I get when I workout and those super endorphins fly through my system.

In that moment I realized I had discovered the secret of happiness, that I was already living full on in happiness. With that as my starting point every day I was able to move into healing at lightning speed.

Understand that I didn’t get my body and functioning back as it used to be. Nope.

Happiness is never about circumstances.


So Much For Which to Be Grateful and Super Happy

l LOVE lakes and woods. I feel so blessed to see a lake outside my front window and woods everywhere else. Woods with majestic trees, boulders and animals. The lake with magnificent water fowl and water lilies.

Everyday it seems another person joins my cause. My cause? I know the Universe chose me to be a spokes person for those who suffer traumatic injuries and have given up hope of leading a productive or joyous life.

A TBI changes your life in ways unimaginable to others. Since I have lost so much and been through so much with two TBIs I can understand how to help people see they have a choice in every moment whether to live full out or watch life go by.

Heal does not mean you get to be who you used to be. Healing means accepting your life as it is now and moving forward on your new adventure to create – more like re-invent – a new way to be in life.

For me I have re-invented myself twice – still int he process. Is it easy? No. Truthfully it is NOT easy to have to work so hard to reinvent who you are with your new functioning and limitations. I tell you what, though – it is totally worth it.

I wish you love on your person journey and support you in your triumph. And for those of you here on my site, thank you so much for loving your person so much you are taking the key role n your loved ones journey and being the coach, confidant and support.

Bless you all.

To THRIVE! Live From Your Heart

Some years back I decided to move from the Washington, D.C. area
to Boise, Idaho to work with a friend in his mortgage business.

I loved the beauty and totally different life style of the northwest
and wanted a change. I am somebody who jumps into change with
great joy!

But no matter what I did I never made decent money.


I never enjoyed what I was doing. I simply could not get
passionate about putting people into homes. And it wasn’t for
lack of trying.

I took courses and studied. I submitted a number of loans – none
of which were processed because the person in charge was busy
working on her new non-mortgage business.

Interesting, the way the Universe works, yes?

Well, before long the whole real estate industry came crashing
down. While our company did not go under with the first wave of
mortgage company failures it did fall by the wayside in time.

Thank goodness!

Why was I so happy when the company went under?

My heart was not in the mortgage business. No matter how much I
tried to talk myself into enjoying what I was doing nothing

You see it is true that your degree of happiness determines your
health, your degree of success in relationships AND your
financial prosperity too.

So how do you make sure that you are in the right life for you?

Well, if you are getting by but not really loving your work or
your home situation or any aspect of your life then you are not
living in happiness at all.

Happiness has nothing to do with circumstances or events.
Those all pass in time. True happiness, on the other hand, is a
forever life style that allows you to thrive!

You can settle for getting by or you can take on today’s Take
Action Tuesday challenge and discover the simple step to change
your life forever.

Ready for more and different?

Nothing will ever change if all you do is read about change
or watch videos. You gotta take action. Watch the video NOW to make
the one change that changes everything.

This simple step changes your world…
live from your heart THRIVE

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