Celebrate the Most Important Person In Your World [TAT] 2

As human beings we live as social animals thriving in relationships with others. Whether those relationships simply encompass people who we meet in passing, clerks in the store, family, friends, or colleagues, makes no difference.

In the award=winning song, People, a highlight of the 1964 Broadway musical Funny Girl (music by Jules Styne and lyrics by Bob Merrill) the lesson expounded simply states that “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Okay, makes sense, yes?

Ah, but amidst the many people in your world, who is the most important one in your life?

Watch the video to discover the one and only person who MUST be #1 in your world.

Do the Take Action Tuesday Challenge and allow us to celebrate that person with you.

Selfish: What is and What is NOT Selfish [TAT] 2

Oliver Wendell Holmes shared a very accurate definition of the concept”selfish” which you will discover when you watch this video. Tell us if you agree with his wise words or if you have something different in mind when you hear the term “selfish.”

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Imagine how different your world will look when you take on today’s challenge. This one will change your life forever – starting today.

Smiling: Why Smiling Matters [TAT]

Are you happy or unhappy? Know how to tell the difference?

Your task for today’s Take Action Tuesday is the easy fix to turning unhappy into happy…

Remember to tell us what you did that changed how you felt instantly.

Feeling Happy and Showing It TAT Challenge 2

What do you do when you feel happy? I am talking on auto=pilot. YOu do not think about doing it. Your body just acts a certain way and everyone knows you are feeling happy!
I discovered a new habit I created to add to the few I aready do when I feel happy. It comes in real handy when I am in a small area without instruments and cannot really sing loudly.
I challenge you to create your own version because I have a surprise for you when you share your own piece.

Real Life Blooper

Do you ever say something without thinking? Enjoy!
Sometimes thoughts slip out of our mouths without warning. Here is a real life blooper to make you smile – or even laugh out loud.

Tell us what happened when you did something similar. Laughter is super healthy, you know!

Monday Morning at 9 AM 2

No. Those are not song lyrics. Something happens Monday mornings at 9 AM that alters lives and changes the balance and dynamic of family life forever.
Watch the video to prevent the devastation that may lie in your future – or the future of someone you care about.

What People Really Want for the Holidays

What people really want for the holidays fulfills both an immediate and forever need. It is not what you think. People go crazy figuring out what to give people for the holidays. They peruse catalogues, spend hours online, wait for a space to park their cars at the mall and trudge through throngs of shoppers […]