Kale Chips: Good Eating

Kale chips – yummy eats. You are a Divine spirit living in a human body that has nutritional needs. Kale supplies many healthy vitamins and minerals. Kale chips are a tasty delightful way to enjoy good and good for you eating. remember to Like and Share for fun

Heart: How Healthy Is Yours?

Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds. More men and women die from heart attacks and stroke than all cancers combined. The cause of heart issues often, far too often, go undetected. The source of heart issues lie in an inter-play  across all areas of life: physical, emotional, relationships, finances, happiness, […]

Vaccines: The Truth Revealed January 10, 2017

You need to know about something important starting on January 10th. Dr. Patrick Gentempo has been digging into the hidden truth behind vaccines. As a health care provider, he found that the whole story wasn’t being told… and it needs to be told. When making critical decisions about your health and your children’s health, you […]

Selfish: What is and What is NOT Selfish [TAT] 2

Oliver Wendell Holmes shared a very accurate definition of the concept”selfish” which you will discover when you watch this video. Tell us if you agree with his wise words or if you have something different in mind when you hear the term “selfish.”

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Stop the Feared Four of Aging

As people age they seem vulnerable to a number of dreaded conditions and diseases. Actually the four worst fears – Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart attack and stroke, brittle bones – can be prevented by knowing how to increase a simple hormone you never heard of. Well, I have been a health fanatic for over 40 years […]

How to Finally Heal

I have been out of touch for a while – healing myself. And many of the reasons I am on track to re-build my wellness are available for you too! That is why I’m excited to share with you about a great event that starts today: The Future of Healing Online Conference You can register […]