Down Syndrome, Priorities and THRIVING!

Ever was born with ten fingers and ten toes. She seemed to be normal and healthy, even though she weighed just 5 pounds. And then we learned she has Down Syndrome. What does that mean? What happened for us? Find out how this crisis led to surprising results in this video.

Why You Are Here

Do you ever feel like :
• You cannot live the life you want
• You are not smart enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough
• You have nothing to contribute to the world
• You are not going to heal

Has anyone ever told you, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it?”

Are you THRIVING! or merely surviving? You came here to LIVE full out!
AND you came here as part of the community of humankind. Success happens when you help others while also helping yourself. Neat, the way that works.

Struggle and Suffering Are Optional

What goes on in your gut determines your health and happiness. Your bacteria  and viruses – your microbiome – dictate your well being not your genome. Your gut is mostly bacteria with viruses–that you need to be you In fact, you are only 10% human and 90% bacteria and viruses. Crazy, isn’t it? I have […]