Why You Are Here

Do you ever feel like :
• You cannot live the life you want
• You are not smart enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough
• You have nothing to contribute to the world
• You are not going to heal

Has anyone ever told you, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it?”

Are you THRIVING! or merely surviving? You came here to LIVE full out!
AND you came here as part of the community of humankind. Success happens when you help others while also helping yourself. Neat, the way that works.

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Bad things happen to good people. When your world collapses, you get to choose whether to become a victim or heal.
Healing happens in you mind. It is not about recovering life as you used to live it. Healing is about accepting yourself as you are now and creating a new reality.
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The Universal Laws of Giving and Receiving

To keep the cycle of energy flowing, you want to give as well as allow others to give to you. The Universal Laws of Giving And Receiving work hand-in-hand.
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To Live Your Dreams Freeze Out Your Past

To move forward in life put your past in the past. One method I used involves this woven sculpture. How can you do the same to live your dreams and desires?

Emotions: Are Emotions Good or Bad?

Emotions. Are they good or bad?
What are emotions and how do they impact us? Are we at the mercy of our emotions? Do we have any control over how we feel?

Happiness Is Not Events – It’s A Lifestyle

“You may wake up unable to speak or swallow, “ the neurosurgeon cautioned me before surgery to remove a sizeable brain tumor that wrapped around my brain stem. Though I did not say anything, in my mind I remarked, “That is not going to happen to me.” What the surgeon suspected, that I did not […]

The Habit of Happiness

Follow these directions to create the habit of happiness. Your world will be happier most of the time when happiness is a habit. Then you do not need to think or create a happy mood consciously. It will be your automatic behavior. It will be your norm. Even stressful situations will not knock you down […]